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Worksheet stages


The list page lets you:

  • add new items (New item button)
  • edit existing items (Edit Edit button)
  • remove items you don't want any more (Remove Remove button).

You can rearrange items by dragging the Drag handle Drag handle icon and dropping it in a new position in the list.

New item or Edit button

You can set the name of the worksheet stage and whether it is active within the system.

You can also flag whether properties in this stage will be regarded as having had their worksheets exported. This is useful for identifying whether worksheets have been exported and for end-of-year reporting on the number of exported worksheets. Also, properties whose worksheets have this stage have 4B-29 set to Y (if you choose Yes) or S if you choose (Yes + supporting docs provided) in the annual values export.

Contractor | Options | Worksheets | Use worksheet stages to indicate whether exported must be ticked for this flag to take effect. See Worksheets.