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Only export ticked PDF documents in sale exportsIf this box is ticked, the system will only include ticked PDF documents when it comes to creating the zip files containing analyses for exporting to VNSW.
After attaching the report, leave only the report tickedIf this box is ticked, the system will untick all attachments except the PDF report that was generated during the attachment process.
Ensure the following before allowing "Exportable" to be tickedThe system checks to ensure the selected conditions hold before an analysis is flagged as exportable. The selectable conditions are:
  • Valuer selected
  • Inspection date entered
  • Analysis date entered
  • Has photo ticked (if in-line suitable market sale)
  • There are no integrity check errors
  • Ensure there is a valid PDF
Untick "Exported" and clear "Exported" date when "Exportable" is untickedTick this box to untick Exported and clear the Exported date when Exportable is unticked.
Offer to untick “Exported” when an individual analysis is savedThe system offers to untick Exported when Exportable is unticked.
Verify the relevant property value as INSPECTD as at the inspection dateHave the system automatically mark a property as INSPECTD as at the sale analysis inspection date. Requires a sale analysis to trigger the action.
Wait to change property to 1-ANLYSALE until analysis is exportedHave the system hold off on marking analysed properties as 1-ANLYSALE until the analysis itself is exported. When not ticked, the PID risk rating will be set immediately.
Only use first paragraph from sale analysis as sale commentsThe system will only use the first paragraph of the sale summary when it is constructing the sale comments for the analysis being associated with a benchmark in a component report.
Propagate sale code from analysis to sale when saving analysisHave sale codes entered in analyses also applied to originating sales. Remember that sales are distinct from analyses, and you can have multiple analyses per sale.
Include non-photo attachments when PDF button is clickedThere is a button that will generate and download a sale analysis PDF on the Analysis update page. Tick this to include all other includable files (such as other PDFs) in the generated file.
Include paired sales on the detailed sale reportHave pairing information included in the sale analysis PDF.
Include supervising valuer on analysis reportObvious.
Allow only one main improvement line in the improvement tableRestrict users to including a single main improvement when analysing sales. This prevents problems arising when multiple main improvement lines have different rates per m², resulting in integrity check errors when loading market data files.
Include main improvements separately on the detailed sale reportHave a separate "main improvement" blurb generated by the system from your construction type, roof type, etc. and put in the report before the Improvements table.
Round the adjusted land value after applying market movementHave the adjusted land value rounded to the VNSW rounding scheme.
… unless the market movement is 0%Leave the adjusted value unrounded when there is no market movement.


This option is selectable only when the Round the adjusted land value after applying market movement box is ticked.

Use the actual LV instead of the corrected LV as the LV at prior LT BDUse the prior year’s land value by default. When unticked, seeks to use a corrected LV (when available) or before falling back to use the prior year’s land value.
Include analyses of provisional sales (source = USER) in statisticsInclude USER sales in statistics.
Edit analysed land classification table in rural analyses instead of normal tableMake the analysed land classification in the rural analysis panel editable instead of the regular land classification, and work the calculations backwards.
Append rural sales' land classifications to the sale summary in the market data exportObvious.
Append any market movement commentary to the sale summary in the market data exportObvious.
Show the market movement commentary with the calculations in the analysis PDFObvious.
Suppress the DAs in the analysis PDFTick this box to prevent showing any DAs in the sale analysi PDF.
Use a blank improvement indicator (5E-42) for sales not suitable for analysisIn order to get market data files through Valnet's integrity checks, you can elect to leave the improvement indicator blank instead of forcing a "Y" or an "N" in the record for sales not suitable for analysis.
Create all new analyses as internalInstructs the system to create all new analyses as "Internal" analyses. Valuers will have to untick the box and save the analysis in order to have it show up in the market data export.
Assign all new analyses to the user creating the analysesInstructs the system to assign the analysis to the user creating the analysis. Note that it will only do this if the user creating the analysis is assigned a role that has the Valuer lists | Show in sale analysis valuer lists permission ticked.
Default sale analysis textThe text that the system will put into the sale summary field when an analysis is first created. It will only carry through to the market data file if the user doesn't change anything.
Which analyses to export with market data (ANNUAL and SALES ONLY)Obvious. Choices are:
  • Non-internal
  • Non-internal and exportable
  • Non-internal and exported
  • Non-internal and either exportable or exported
Export as vacant if there is no main improvement lineHave the market data extraction process set the improved sale indicator to VL if there is no main improvement line in the improvements.
Include sale adjustments in other improvements / adjustments for exportHave the market data extraction include the sale adjustments in the nominated field (5E-75).


Ticking this box is recommended.

Month to start using the future date as default when exporting market dataThe Data transfer | Export data | Market data buttons default to asking for sales analysed to the LT year. Indicate which month is the last to be defaulted in with the current year. Every month after the selected month will default to the future year.
Default to the future year for analyses starting fromIndicate the date at which the system will start using the future base year as the default base year to which new analyses should be adjusted.
Improvement schedules are to be managedDetermine the level on which improvement schedules are to be managed:
  • globally
  • on a contract area level, or
  • on an LGA level

See Improvement schedules.
Apply market movement toThe market movement can be applied to either the analysed land value or the purchase price, and you can choose which way to go here.
New (2021) integrity checks enabledTick any of these boxes to enable the corresponding errors / warnings on market data exports.