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Maintain the list of identifiers for identifying planning schemes.


The list page lets you:

  • add new items (New item button)
  • edit existing items (Edit Edit button)
  • remove items you don't want any more (Remove Remove button).

New item or Edit button

CodeThe zone code.
NameThe zone description.
ActiveIf this box is ticked, the zone will show up in drop-down lists.
LEP standard zoneIf this box is ticked, the zone will be regarded as a standard zone, and acceptable for exports.
Must analyse all salesIf this box is ticked, the AVA check 310 will determine that sales in this zone that are not analysed are a problem.
Risk ratingThe default risk rating for this zone - this is used when determining default risk ratings for properties.
Category (parent zone)A list of zones that can be regarded as category parent zones.

A - Residential would be the category containing all of the Rn zones.

Property typeThe default property type for properties in this zone.

Click Save to retain changes.