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Summary maker

This page contains a (possibly empty) list of summary makers on the left, and a (possibly empty) list of questions that will be used to make the sale summary on the right.

You might want to have different summary makers for Residential and Rural, but they'll both draw from the same list of questions. The Residential summary maker might be linked to some questions, the Rural one might be linked to others, and they may share some (or a majority) of questions. Regardless, the order of questions is shared across all summary makers.


The list page lets you:

  • add new summary makers (New summary maker button)
  • edit summary maker names (double-click the summary maker name)
  • remove summary makers (Remove Remove button)
  • add new questions (New question button)
  • edit existing questions (Edit Edit button)
  • remove items you don't want any more (Remove Remove button)
  • choose the questions you want to associate with the selected summary maker (tick boxes in the questions table).

You can rearrange items in either table by dragging the Drag handle Drag handle icon and dropping it in a new position in the list.

Regardless of which summary maker is selected at the time you rearrange them, the sequencing of questions applies to all summary makers.


The following actions take place immediately and don't need to you save anything:

  • Renaming summary makers
  • Reordering summary makers or questions
  • Ticking or unticking boxes in the Link column
  • Removing items you don't want any longer (the system will ask you to confirm this action)

New question or Edit question button

When you go to edit a question, you can specify the text of the question, and what sort of answers you're looking for.


Specify the question using the following fields.

PromptThe text you want to show the user so they know what question they're answering.
RequiredTick the box if the user is required to answer this question when building the sale summary.
Follow prior answerChoose whether this answer will follow the prior answer:
  • as a new sentence
  • as a new paragraph
  • after a space
  • after a comma
  • after a semicolon
Answer prefixText that will be prepended to the answer before being included in the sale summary.
Answer suffixText that will be appended to the answer after being included in the sale summary.
Answer typeChoose whether user will answer this question by:
  • selecting from a list
  • entering text into a single-line input field
  • entering text into a multi-line input field
  • choosing a date
  • entering a dollar value
Select multiple answersChoose whether the user is restricted to a single answer or whether multiple answers can be provided.
Join multiple answersIf the user is allowed to provide multiple answers, they will be joined:
  • as separate sentences
  • as a comma-separated list
  • as a comma-separated list, last item preceded by "and"
  • as a semicolon-separated list
  • as a semicolon-separated list, last item preceded by "and"
  • as a space-separated list

Click the Save button to save your changes.


Click the New answer button to add a new answer for this question.

Click into the table row to edit an answer. Editing mode is shown using a red box.

You can rearrange items by dragging the Drag handle Drag handle icon and dropping it in a new position in the list.

Click the Remove Remove button to remove the answer.


Enter the text that you want included in the sale summary when the user answers the question.

Click Save button to save your changes.