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User roles

Roles define a selected set of permissions. Each role contains the set of permissions necessary to perform a specific type of role within an organisation. Users are regularly assigned one or more roles to allow them to perform their tasks.


Administrators can create or remove roles as needed.

The tables below describe the current list of permissions and describe how they are used.

Sale analyses

Create analysesUser has permission to create analyses from a sale or from the Sales search results page.
Delete analysesUser has permission to delete an analysis.
Export market dataUser can export market data from the Data transfer | Export data page.
View analysesUser can view an analysis.
Update analysesUser can save changes to an analysis.
Export analysesUser can export analyses from the Analysis update page or from the Analysis search results page.


Upload attachmentsUser can upload attachments to properties, sales, supps, analyses and worksheets.
Delete attachmentsUser can remove attachments from properties, sales, supps, analyses and worksheets.
View/download attachmentsUser can view attachments and download them by clicking links.
Reorder attachmentsUser can reorder attachments in properties, sales, supps, analyses and worksheets

Component changes

Export component code changesUser can export the component code changes file from Data transfer | Export data page.

Component reports

Create component reportsUser can create component reports by rolling forward a previous component report's data.
Delete component reportsThis is unused as there is no way for a user to delete a component report.
View component reportsUser can view the component report listing and details.
Update component reportsUser can update the component report, including the application of factors to properties.

Contractor options

View contractor optionsObvious.
Update contractor optionsObvious.

Dashboard panels

View supp processingObvious.
View sale processingObvious.
View incomplete supps by stageObvious.
View recent analyses by stageObvious.
View supp scorecardObvious.
View verified since cycle startObvious.
View verified since Nov 1Obvious.
View property countsObvious.
View review stagesObvious.

Day to day activities

View the day-to-day menuObvious.

Data transfer

Import filesUser can drag and drop files on the Data transfer | Import Data | Import files page and process these files.
Delete export filesUser can delete export files from the Data transfer | Export data page.
Export filesUser request data to be exported from the Data transfer | Export data page.
View import/export historyObvious.
View the data transfer menuObvious.


Reinstate cancelled propertiesUser can restore cancelled properties. This option is on the Action Action menu of the Property search results page and the callout box on the Property update page.
Cancel propertiesUser can mark properties as cancelled. This is an option on the Action Action menu of the Property search results page.
Export annual valuesUser can export annual values from the Data transfer | Export data | New Export | Annual values menu item.
Import the rollUser can import a property data from VNSW.
View propertiesUser can search for and view property details.
Update property informationUser can update and save property information.
Update property valuesObvious.

About MVOW Pages

View acknowledgementsObvious.
View privacy policyObvious.
View MVOW licenseObvious.
View server infoObvious.
View recent updatesObvious.


Reinstate cancelled propertiesEnable the Action Action | Properties | Restore cancelled properties item on the property search results grid.
Cancel propertiesEnable manual cancellation of PIDs.
Export annual valuesAllow export of annual value files using Data transfer | Export data | New export | Annual values.
Use the property grid editorAllow in-place editing of property search results.
View internal notesAllow the viewing and updating of internal notes.
View propertiesAllow searching for and viewing property information.
Update property informationAllow save changes on the property update page.
Update property valuesAllow changes to property values:
  • by applying factors from the search results
  • from the component report page, or
  • by editing values in the property update page.

Statistical and QA reports

Export AVA exceptionsEnables import and export buttons on the Annual values / QA
View statistical and QA reportsObvious.

Reference data

Create reference itemsUser has the permission to make new reference items like valuation bases, authority codes, districts and risk ratings.
Delete reference itemsObvious.
View reference itemsObvious.
Update reference itemsObvious.

Remote questions/answers

Create remote questions/answersUser can create summary maker questions and answers.
Delete remote questions/answersUser can delete summary maker questions and answers.
View remote questions/answersUser can view/use summary maker questions and answers.
Update remote questions/answersUser update create summary maker questions and answers.

Coding sales

Export coded salesUser can export coded sales files from Data transfer / Export data.
View sales for coding

This permission unused at present.

Code sales

This permission unused at present.


Create salesUser can select one or more properties from the Property search results page and make provisional sales for them.
Delete salesUser can delete sales from the Sale detail page.


There must be no associated analysis with the sale.

Import salesUser can import conflicted sales.
View salesObvious.
Update salesObvious.


Delete suppsUser can delete supps that have valuer comments are a marked as sent.
Export suppsUser can export supps from the Data transfer | Export data | New Export | Supplementaries menu item.
Import suppsUser can import supps from VNSW supp files.
Mark supps as ready to sendEnable Action Action | Mark supps as ready to send item on the supps search results page.
View suppsObvious.
Process suppsUser can put values on supps and mark them as ready to send.


Create usersPermission to create new users on the Contractor
Delete users

This permission is unused. Inactive users should be set to the Terminated users role.

Can log inHas permission to log in.
View usersHas permission to view users on the Contractor
Update own profileHas permission to view and update own profile.
Not permitted to log inUser is refused permission to log in. This is a fundamental setting of the role named Terminated User.
Update usersHas permission to edit users within the Contractor
ValuerUsers with this role will appear in the valuer drop-down lists throughout the system.

Valuer lists

Show in sale analysis valuer listsThe user's name should be shown on lists of valuers on the Sale analysis page.
Show in component report valuer listsThe user's name should be shown on list of valuers for the component reports pages.
Show in supp valuer listsThe user's name should be shown on the list of valuers on the supp pages.
Show in worksheet valuer listsThe user's name should be shown on the list of valuers on the worksheet pages.

Verification summaries

View verification summary on the dashboardThe user is able to see the verification summary tables on the Dashboard page.


Create worksheetsThe user can choose to have worksheets create from the Property update page and the Property search results page.
Delete worksheetsObvious.
Export worksheetsObvious.
View worksheetsObvious.
Update worksheetsObvious.