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Improvement schedules

You can upload multiple improvement schedules, and them apply to properties based on contract region or district. When checking for the range in an analysis, the system will check for the improvement schedule most appropriate to the property.

  • If there is a schedule associated with the property’s district, then the system will use that range.
  • If there is a schedule associated with the property’s contract region, then the system will use that range.
  • If there is still no match, it will use the global improvement schedule.

How to make it work

In the Contractor | Options | Analyses pane, there is this option:

By default, the system is set to Globally by a single schedule.

If you want to manage it by contract area, tick the second box, and you might see something like this in Reference items | Improvement schedules:

You’re going to see some text that says Displaying the global schedule entries since your-contract-area doesn’t have any because the system will be falling back to your global values. You can export these, and you’ll get the global values in the spreadsheet. You can then edit the downloaded spreadsheet and re-import it to see the following:

The notice about falling back to the global version will now have disappeared, and all analyses in this contract region will have this schedule applied to them.

The same sort of thing applies if you choose to have a schedule per LGA.

Exporting schedules

There are two formats available for exporting improvement schedules. MVOW will import schedules in either format.

Export AVOI for VNSW

Use this format to provide your improvement schedules to VNSW. This schedule will then be used when applying integrity checks to your market data.

Export CSV for editing

Use this format to make editing your improvement schedules easier. When editing, make sure the header row stays in place, and make sure that you keep saving in CSV format. If you save it as an XLSX file, MVOW will not accept it.

Printing schedules

When you click the Export schedule as PDF button, the system will format your schedule into a PDF document suitable for sharing with your DV.