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Sale conflicts

Sale conflicts arise when you import sales whose information somehow requires your attention (and possibly a decision) before the information can be imported into the system.


You must resolve the conflicts before the sale will appear on your import log, or in the system as a sale.

There are a few different types of conflicts that can arise.

Original dealing is analysed

A confirmed sale was included in the data file, but the sale that it is supposed to be merged into is already analysed. These are noted so that you have no choice but to acknowledge the fact. If you want to, you can either delete the conflict (and also the incoming sale), view the changes before merging, or merge the changes without reviewing.

Sale has no PID

You won't see this if you ticked the Contractor | Options | Sales | Reject incoming OSR sales without PIDs tick box.

You can delete these conflicts (and also the incoming sale) or edit the incoming sale to provide a PID.

Non-exact match to provisional dealing.

In this case, there is an existing sale for the PID (and corresponding strata lot number if available), but the contract date or price doesn't agree with the incoming sale. You need to check to see if the new sale should actually be merged with the existing sale. The table will show you the purchasers and the contract date for both the current and proposed sale, so you should be able to judge for yourself as to whether the sale should be imported as a new sale or should be merged with the existing sale.

OSR sale arriving after confirmed sale

Here, an OSR sale has turned up after the confirmed sale. You have the choice of adding the OSR sale as a new sale, or of deleting the conflict (and, by implication, the incoming OSR sale).

Working in bulk

The operations that appear as operations that you can perform on individual sales also appear as operations you can apply to the selected items under the Action menu.

  • Import (add) selected items… is like clicking the plus plus icon on each row.
  • Accept selected items… is like clicking the accept accept icon on each row.
  • Merge selected items… is like clicking the merge merge icon on each row.
  • Delete selected items… is like clicking the trash trash icon on each row.

You can select all items, choose Action Action menu | Merge selected items… and be assured that only the items that can actually merged will be merged.