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Component reports

Overwrite comparisons on component report if applicableWhen saving component reports, check the comparison between the benchmark property and the analysis. If the comparison is either empty or contains one of the standard comparisons, the system will replace the comparison if it has changed.
Always use the component’s current valuer instead of last year’s when rolling forwardWhen rolling last year’s report information forward, uses the component’s verification valuer. Otherwise, retains last year’s verification valuer.
Which value to compare against the subject property's land valueChoose whether you want the system to compare
  • the subject property's land value against the analysis' future land value, or
  • the adjusted land value
when coming up with comparison text.
Benchmark / analysis comparison typeWhen performing a bulk linking of sales to benchmarks, automatically generate one of the given types of comparisons:
  • Don't generate comparisons
  • A one-word comparison will be one of Superior, Comparable or Inferior where Superior and Inferior represent a +/- 3% difference in land value from the benchmark property. See Bulk linking of sales to benchmarks.
  • A long comparison without mentioning the analysed or future land value.
  • A long comparison which will be of the form: Size comparison sized, property size block, situated on street name in suburb. Zoned property zone. Adjusted land value of value or rate/area. Overall the sale is considered comparison text to the benchmark.
Include 6A(1) FSR and building height in benchmark commentary and comparisonsObvious.
Include frontages in benchmark comparisonsWhen this box is ticked, text similar to the following will be included in comparisons: "with a [narrower|slightly narrower|similar|slightly wider|wider] [frontage length] m frontage.
Redo comparisons to benchmarks when either benchmark future values or supporting adjusted LVs changeObvious.
Minimum comparison length (0 = check not applied)If the comparison between a benchmark and linked analysis does not exceed the nominated length, the market data file will include an integrity check.
Lock old component reportsTick this box to prevent people editing historical component reports.
Include supervising valuer on component reportTick this box to include the name and signature for the supervising (or assisting) valuer on the component report.
Hide the component valuer and review date on the component listTick this box to hide the Comp valr and Reviewed columns on the component report listing.
Store the fixed comparison on the analysis instead of the component reportTick this box to make all instances of a particular analysis used as support for a benchmark use the same fixed comment.