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Verify components

The Verify components page lists components within district tabs. Only LGAs from user contract regions are included. Each row in the District table contains the following items:

  • Component code
  • Zone code
  • Component description
  • The number of property entries in the component
  • The number of property entries verified since Nov 1 of the current base date
  • The date the component was last reviewed
  • The number of properties verified since the last review date
  • The target review date
  • The name of the valuer responsible for this component
  • A mark as reviewed icon

You can click on all but the last column header to sort the results by the values in that column.

The target review date and the valuer name are editable in-place. When you make a change, this change is sent immediately to the server, so you don't have to press an Update button to make the change take effect.

The thumbs-up thumbs-up icon in the final column will appear if (1) the component has a review date; and (2) all properties have been verified since the last review date. If you click it, the page will pop up a confirmation box, and if you choose to continue, the system will mark the component as reviewed on today's date.