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CL tenure search results

This page lists the results of a search based on criteria that you have specified.

Command buttons

Search result command buttons

Refine search Refine searchClick this button to show the current search criteria in a full search. You can right-click (or mouse-wheel click) to edit the search criteria in a new tab.
Refresh RefreshRerun the search using the same search criteria. The system will remember the last state of your table, including column positioning, filters, sort and grouping preferences.
SELECTOpens the SELECT menu. See Select menu.
EDITOpens the EDIT menu. See Edit menu.
CSVExports selected rows to a CSV file format. When no rows are selected, exports all visible rows to the CSV file format. The CSV file will download to your browser’s Downloads folder.
COPYOpens the COPY menu. See Copy menu.
ValMap ValMapOpens the selected properties in ValMap.
ValMap portal ValMap portalOpens the selected properties in VNSW’s online ValMap portal.
MVOW mapping MVOW mappingOpens the selected properties in an MVOW mapping tab.
Favourite FavouriteAdd the current search criteria to your Favourite tab.
Action ActionOpens the Action Action menu. See Action menu.

Select menu

Click the SELECT menu to access selection commands.

Select menu items

All rows (Alt + A)Select all rows that have not been hidden.


To include the hidden rows in the selection, unhide the hidden ones first.

No rowsDeselect all rows.
Invert selectionDeselect all selected rows while selecting all unselected rows that have not been hidden.
Open selected itemsOpen up to 20 of the selected items in their own tabs.
Hide selected rowsTemporarily removes selected items from the search results.


This does not delete the items, nor does it change the search criteria.

Hide non-selected rowsTemporarily removes non-selected items from the search results.


This does not delete the items, nor does it change the search criteria.

Show hidden rowsUnhides any row that is currently hidden.

Copy menu

Click the COPY menu to access selection commands.

Copy menu items

Copy selected rowsCopy the selected rows and column headings to the clipboard in a format suitable for pasting into a spreadsheet. Only visible columns will be included.
Copy selected account numbersCopy the account numbers for all selected rows.
Copy selected PIDsCopy the Property IDs for all selected rows.
Copy all rowsCopy all rows and column headings to the clipboard in a format suitable for pasting into a spreadsheet. Only visible columns will be included.
Copy all account numbersCopy the account numbers for all rows that are not hidden.
Copy all PIDsCopy the Property IDs for all rows that are not hidden.

Copied IDs can be pasted directly into any search field that takes IDs of the corresponding type.

Action menu

Click the Action Action menu to show a list of operations that you can apply to the selected rows.

Action menu items

SearchOpens the Search submenu.
Send selected tenures to VOWClick this action to begin the process of creating a project in VOW containing the selected tenures.
You’ll see a popup that will allow you to set the name, code, and colour of the project that will be created.

Once you have filled out the form and clicked Send, you'll see a confirmation popup with a link to the new project in VOW that contains the jobs for the tenures. Click Open project to open the project in VOW, in a new browser tab.

Reset current column profile…Removes any grid customisation, returning the grid to factory defaults.
Save column profile as…Saves the current column profile using the name that you enter.
Manage column profilesAllows you to switch between, create new, and remove column profiles.
Column profilesAllows you to switch between column profiles.

Default is the column profile that the grid defaulted to, not the factory default that you get by resetting the current column profile.

Search submenu

Search submenu items

For selected tenuresOpens a new tenure search results tab containing the selected tenures.
For selected propertiesOpens a new property search results page containing the PIDs of the selected tenures.

Tenure search results

Tenure search results index items

AccountNumberThe Tenure account number.
RegionTextDisplays the region.
OfficeTextDisplays the office name.
DistrictTextDisplays the district (LGA).
SuburbTextDisplays the suburb name.
HolderTextDisplays the tenure's holder.
Tenure typeTextDisplays the tenure type.
SubtypeTextDisplays the tenure's subtype.
UsageTextDisplays the list of the tenure's usages.
StructureTextDisplays the list of the tenures structures.
Curr gross annual rentNumberDisplays the current gross annual rent.
Curr net annual rentNumberDisplays the current net annual rent.
AreaTextTenure area in ha or m².
Area (m²)NumberTenure area in m².
Area (ha)NumberTenure area in ha.
Next review dateDateDisplays the next review date.
Last review dateDateDisplays the last review date.
Rent at last reviewNumberDisplays rent based on the last review.
Rent before last reviewNumberDisplays the rent before the last review was conducted.
TermNumberDisplays the term of the tenure in years.
CommencementDateDisplays the tenure commencement date.
ExpiryDateDisplays the tenure expiry date.
Holder classTextDisplays the tenure's holder class.
Tenure classTextDisplays the tenure class.
Usage classificationTextDisplays the usage classification.
Suspended redetTextDisplays the tenure's suspended redetermination state.
Susp redet expiry dateDateDisplays the redetermination suspension expiry.
Rebate categoryTextDisplays the tenure's rebate category.
Land valueNumberDisplays the value of the land.
Express rentTextLooks like a CM9 reference.
Previous valuerTextThe name of the last valuer to undertake a redetermination.
Previous val dateDateThe date of the last rent redetermination.
Redet statusDropdownDisplays the redetermination status.
Redet issue dateDateDisplays the date the redetermination was issued.
Last obj dateDateDisplays the last objection date.
Redet proc typeTextDisplays the redetermination process type.
Valuation CM9 refTextDisplays the reference to the valuation in CM9.
Combined Lot/DPTextDisplays the full legal description (lots/sections/DPs).
PID(s)TextDisplays links to all the PIDs involved in the tenure.
LAMC typeTextLAMC type.
LAMC areaNumberLAMC area in m².
LAMC valNumberLAMC land value.
LAMC cap rateNumberLAMC capitalisation rate.
LAMC irrig areaNumberLAMC irrigation area.
LAMC rel reservesTextRelated LAMC reserves.
TermNumberTenure term in years.