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Managing columns

On the right-hand side of any search results page, you'll see a Columns tab. Click this tab to show the Columns panel. This panel offers several features.

  • Type a column name into the input field at the top of the list to filter the list.
  • Tick or untick column names to show and hide columns respectively.
  • Drag from the panel onto the grid to relocate columns to particular locations.
  • Note that you cannot reorder the columns within the panel.

If you only want a few columns visible, you can untick all columns by unticking the box at the top, and then ticking just the columns you want.

If you know the column names, you can type them into the filter instead of scrolling around to find them.

You can also:

  • drag columns around within the grid to reorder them;
  • resize columns by clicking on the right-hand border in the header; and
  • change the sort order by clicking in column headers.

The column visibility, order, widths and sort order together form a column profile. Changes to the column profile are saved to the database on the server immediately, and if you refresh the search results, the column profile as you last saved it will be used.

Creating a new column profile

There are two ways to create a new column profile. The first is to choose the Action Action | Save column profile as... menu item, and nominate the name for the new profile. The new profile will then be the same as the profile you had selected. You can then start changing this profile, and it will be updated on the server.

The second way is to choose the Action Action | Manage column profiles menu item, and give a name to the new profile. It will be the same as the default column profile to start with, and you can then change the column profile as you see fit. Again, it will be saved to the server as you update it.

Switching between column profiles

All of your column profiles (you have one set of profiles for each search results type) will be listed under the

Action Action | Column profiles menu item. If you select a column profile from that list, your search results

will be redisplayed using that profile.

Resetting a column profile

You can reset a column profile to its default state by choosing the Action Action | Reset current column profile menu item. The system will pop up a confirmation box in case you didn't really mean to choose that menu item. Resetting the column profile makes all columns visible in their default positions, all columns the same width, with no special sort order applied. This change to the selected profile is saved to the server immediately.

Managing column profiles

You can manage column profiles by opening the Manage column profiles popup. Choose the Action Action | Manage column profiles** menu item, and you'll see the popup:

Saving a column profile

Your column profiles are saved to the server, but you have the ability to save the column profiles to your computer and even share them with other users.

To download a column profile, click the Download Download button at the right-hand side of popup. This will put a file called in your Downloads folder.

Loading a column profile

You can click the Import button on the popup to load a previously saved column profile from your computer. Click on the Profile file input, and select the profile file. Click the Import button to confirm the action.