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How do I change my component's zone?

The problem is basically that the component update file allows you to do the following with components in Valnet:

  • Create new components.
  • Change the description.
  • Change the land tax threshold category.

Notably, it doesn’t allow you to change the zone.

From the Valnet point of view, as far as I can gather:

  • A component code cannot be reused within a district.
  • Once a component is associated with a zone, it’s with that zone forever.
  • Valnet does allow multiple components with the same code in the same district with a different zone, but this breaks things and shouldn't be allowed to happen.

So you’re going to need a new component code.

How to get that into Valnet? You need to take few steps:

  1. Export any component changes from the LGA in question (to clear the way for what’s coming next) and send it to Valnet. If you get errors, well … hopefully the next steps will take care of that.
  2. Move all the PIDs into the component (and zone) that Valnet thinks they’re in. You may have to reactivate a component in MVOW to make this happen.
  3. Export the component changes for the LGA in question and throw that file away.
  4. Create the new component code with the required zone.
  5. Move the PIDs into the new component.
  6. Export the component changes for the LGA in question and send it to Valnet.